About Us

The Trunk 7 Music Festival 2018 is a Music and Art Festival to be held on the evening of July 20th and afternoon & evening of July 21, 2016 at the Peace Park in Musquodoboit Harbour.This will feature the musical and artistic talent of the Eastern Shore Community, both young & old, with many genres represented. In its inaugural year (2015) the festival attracted 450 patrons and 65 artist/musicians. This year we hope to grow by increasing our attendance and expanding the number and caliber of our performers. To realize this growth unfortunately our expenses must increase.

In the Previous years our performers were exciting and diverse. We had 12 different artists/acts from 6 different schools from grade 4 to grade 11. These students performed everything from country to pop to rock to jazz music. We also had original and recording acts and singer song-writers performing a wide number of music genres.  The types of music represented over the weekend also included childrens, gaelic, hiphop, folk, metal, bluegrass and blues. We’re very proud of the variety of music showcased by Trunk7musicfestival and we intend on continuing to offer a wide selection of music to our audience.

Thank you to our Sponsors