The Royal Volts

The Royal Volts is a 4-piece riff/hard rock band consisting of Jordan Pirri (lead vocals/guitar), Wesley Thomas (lead guitar), Brady Leights (bass/vocals) and Quenny Stevens (drums). Playing out of Nova Scotia, Canada, the members of The Royal Volts are dedicated to playing and recording pure, organic rock and roll that is heard in the studio and recreated live.

Before The Royal Volts was formed, Wesley and Brady played in several different bands together, before joining up with Quenny Stevens, who had also played in bands starting at a young age. The three played together for several years in a band that covered artists such as Led Zeppelin, The Who, Jimi Hendrix and Cream. Although this band was successful and recognized for being a good cover band, there was an inability and lack of motivation to write original music.

In December 2011, Wesley and a close friend of the band Jordan Pirri went to a show at the Seahorse Tavern in Halifax, Nova Scotia. Jordan,who was involved in bands at a young age but had lost interest in recent years, was inspired by the show and urged Wesley, Brady and Quenny to start a second band, with Jordan as the lead vocalist. However, the other guys were reluctant as Jordan had never sang lead before. Nevertheless, Jordan persisted on forming a new band for several months before the guys gave in and agreed to practice and play a show. The guys were pleasantly surprised at how different the sound was from their previous band, although the only difference between the two bands was the singer. After being well received at their first show, the band was unknowingly at a crossroad between becoming another cover band or writing original material. Unintentionally, original music began to flow with the newly formed band. In the matter of 7 short months, the band now known as The Royal Volts had written a number of songs, played several shows consisting of mostly original material and recorded their first EP, titled “The Bridge EP”, something that was unattainable in previous bands together.

Ultimately, The Royal Volts’ goal is to write music that is not over saturated and deemed creative because of the use of effects; instead, The Royal Volts wants to write real rock music where the guitar sounds like a guitar, the bass sounds like a bass, and the drums sound like drums, all with powerful vocals laid on top. Sometimes when something is unplanned and unintentional it turns out more natural than if it were sought after.This is why The Royal Volts enjoys the music they play and looks forward to giving their interpretation of what rock music should sound like.

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