2018 Artist Lineup

Friday July 20th
5.30 Doors Open
6.00 Illustrious
6.15 Ruby Rare like Candy
6.30 New Damage
7.10 Foggy Road
7.50 Cameron
8.50 James Desmond
9.45 Royal Volts
10.45 Christine Campbell

11.30 Doors Open
12.00 Youth
Joey Ruggels
Kyra Brady
Kayleigh Bayne
Molly Lenihan
Emile Caya
Rebecca Geddes
Morgan Perry

1.15 Belia
1.35 Turquoise
1.50 Rusty Swinehammer
2.05 Mitch Roberts Stephanie Anderson
2.40 Michelle Ryder
3.30 Youth Performers
Ethan Smith
Logan Pettipas
Clarice Bowser
Samantha Munro
Eboney Stevens
Avery Anderson
Dalton Faulkner

4.30 Villages

5.30 Andre Pettipas Giants

6.30 Joel Plaskett Songwriter Circle with Mo Kenny, Erin Costello and Jim Henman

8.00 The Hypochondriacs


9.45 Mike Trask Sponsored by StartupEast

10:30 Atlantic Superstore Presents T7 Firework Show

10.45 The Town Heroes

Thank you to our Sponsors